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Nora and Hannah Momental Order of things (2018) Naja Hendriksen

The Momental Order of Things (2018)

Weather balloon, builder's props, barrels, ratchet strap, trolley, lamp. Performance and installation, duration variable, dimensions variable. 

Momental words 1.PNG
momental words 2.PNG

The Momental Order of Things

Objects such as builder's props, plastic barrels and a trolley are curated and installed in iterations over the course of the show. With each iteration a group of artists work together, investigating the objects further as a series of unprepared exploratory performance pieces. This results in a layering of accidental and open-ended compositions.

In this context momental refers to the temporality of the installation's composition, changing over the duration of the exhibition. However, momental is also a play on the assotiation with monuments/moments, where monuments are being errected and pulled down as societies ebb and flow over a large span of time.

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