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Nora and Naja Momental Order of Things (2018) Naja Hendriksen

The Momental Order of Things (2018)

Weather balloon, builder's props, barrels, ratchet strap, trolley, lamp. Performance and installation, duration variable, dimensions variable. 

The Momental Order of Things

Orbiting around the balloon piece, performers work their way forward with the objects at their disposal. Each object provides its own proposal. Roll, stack, tilt, push, pull, lean against, sit among, sit ontop, or perhaps surender to the movements of the trolly. The performers negotiate with each other, the objects, the space available between the verious pieces and the adience present.

The 'whole' is pulled appart, the static is stopped for a while. Uncertainty, wondering, searching, tests, fail, discovering another point of view. Untill at last, the pieces fall into a new configuration. Reconfigured, the installation once again becomes a momental order of things.

momental words 4.PNG
momental words 3.PNG

© 2021 Naja Hendriksen

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