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Untitled (2017)

62 x 120 x 162cm

Polystyrene, wood, mealworms

Untitled 2017 words 1.PNG

Untitled (2017)

Facination, repulsion and curiousity can catch even the best of us. Wiggly worms, in this case mealworms, scatter about the sleek mass they've been subjected to. A colony marking their territory and drawing live patterns on the white. First in the centre, en masse, then they spread out and spill over the edge. Some hide in corners below some scurry back up again. A herd of patterns and processions in the makeing.

It is clean cut, man made, slab of polystyrene, versus decay and habitation.

It's an iceberg, but it is also Titanic. The helpless humans falling off the edge to their doom. They are serious and humerous. They are small and mighty. They are life and deth, but it's unknown which is which. Above all they are curious despite ourselves.

© 2021 Naja Hendriksen

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